Monday, March 12, 2012

Democracy's serious failure No. 2 - The people!

None but the people can further the cause of democracy. It is government by the people. Surprise surprise, the people know enough about it to whinge about how politicians mess up politics but don't really want to take any personal responsibility. That's a pity because, without the intervention of a substantial number in the community there will never be any change. We will continue down the sane worn out path of party politics. The requirement is for a critical mass to get reform rolling. There does not seem to be any possibility of the social media coming to the 'party' for this.

Actually we toyed with the idea of a Secret Ballot Party but membership stalled. Such a 'party' would have no other policies then the reform and all candidates under the SBP banner would be entirely independent. However the idea did not persist and failed to capture the imagination of members.

The publication of the new ebook UT WITH THE PARTIES - a PARLIAMENTARY REVOLUTION'; appears to be slow to take off at the moment.