Thursday, February 16, 2012

Democracy - What a shambles!

What a shambles democracy is, the way we currently play this game. But it’s no game, while arguing between the opposed interests grows heated. And where is the logic and the calm reasoning? While there is, in the end, a rational solution to every problem, can it be found in this climate of antagonism, which is generated by the fear that bad solutions might triumph.

Are we, as a people, really happy with this, so gross, system? Why are we so willing to put up with a system operating so dysfunctionally? Of what are we so afraid?
Would a move to a ballot parliament with MPs all independent be so difficult?

Let’s consider.
Firstly, representatives will engage transparently and honestly with constituents, their careers being entirely dependent on their relationships with them. Initially perhaps difficult, they would soon grow in stature as statesmen/women, aware that other interests, beyond the local, must not be ignored.
Next, what extra burdens would we, as citizens, have to bear? The answer is ‘None’, unless we should want to.

What options would there be for anyone wanting to have some involvement?
1. The opportunity to attend regular community sessions for discussion of any public matter, conducted by the sitting member.
2. Participation in discussions with informed and intelligent constituents, together seeking good answers to difficult questions.
3. Learning to understand and concede the validity of the needs (and possibly the opinions!) of others, in a context of confidence in the fairness of the process and the increasing success of calm and logical debate.

With secret ballots in parliament all members will be independent, free to act in parliament on behalf of their constituents - and, as true statesmen, on issues of national interest and importance.

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