Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where is democracy???

Where is the cry for democracy? Where are those who are concerned???
Many are seriously disturbed at the increasing trend to autocratic party government, but can't see the answer. When John Faine Melbourne 774, was speaking to Mark Latham on ABC radio, about the corruption of the political process, neither had any answer to the mess we are in.
We need a referendum of the people for the installation of the ballot in parliament for all debates and elections. There is no other answer.
Since the parties are not interested in real democracy we need a new initiative. We need leadership which actually believes in democracy - government by the people -
through freely voting parliamentary representatives, and an executive in submission to parliament. This is something from which we have strayed a long way - ministerial responsibility. Or should we say rather, accountability, since irresponsibility has become so blatant.

Where can this kind of leadership be found ???
The Secret Ballot Party is still in its infancy but it stands for the real democracy which only the ballot in parliament can attain to.
Our membership is slowly building, with concerned people who are not afraid to think outside the square.

Secret Ballot Party:

An Australian Persona

Is there such a thing? Of course not. We are a collection of many different kinds of people. Of course. We are multi-cultural. We are diverse.
There are many different layers of difference.
Wealth, education, religion, ethnicity,emotional type, age etc etc.
Many are hard at work - some can't be bothered. Many are patient in adversity - some impatient.
Some get angry at injustice and do something - some just stay angry. Some are happy & glad - some are not.
Are there common factors. Yes we are human.
We can be patient - and work things out. We can be inventive - finding solutions.
We can help others - and find satisfaction.
We can be optimists - and see the donut - not the hole.
We can be a part of the solution - not part of the problem.
Yes, we are human - with a limitless capacity for doing good - happily.
We are human - with a limitless capacity for destroying the wellbeing of others (and ourselves).
We are human. We have the capacity to choose. But without faith it is difficult and for many can prove impossible. Faith enables us to be what we want to be - ourselves - productively and happily for ourselves and those around us.
We are not all alike, and will never be. But that doesn't matter as long as we have goodwill towards each other. Then we can be at peace - and proudly Australian.