Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sheep hang in flocks, eagles soar alone!

As I was handing out Campaign literature I met a man standing by his Harley Davidson, in all his leathers (!)
Suspecting that he was a member of one of the bikie gangs, I asked him.
His reply was illuminating. He said: 'Sheep hang in flocks, eagles soar alone.'

What a perfect representation of party politics – 'sheep hang in flocks'. No wonder our political system has been corrupted by politics with ineffective government - like a flock of sheep, each looking sideways at each other to see what they can or must do. Political parties, like flocks of sheep, make weak, contestable decisions, being bogged down in conflict, ineffective at getting things done and failing to satisfy our need for effective solutions to the many problems increasingly infecting our horizon – haunting our future with failure after failure.

On the other hand, the vision is of a balloting parliament with its members all independent, each member achieving a close and instructive collaboration with the constituents. As a result they can become strong and effective in parliament, on behalf of their constituents being answerable to noone else. Each member will gather strength following a demonstrated intelligent, closeness with them in the regular public meetings they will convene, so soaring like eagles in parliament in the freedom and power of statesman-like effectiveness.

A great analogy Mick!

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