Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cleaning the Aegean Stables

Thinking about the state of our world and the mess the politicians are making, I thought of the mythical old story of Hercules and his challenge to clean out the massive filth in the Aegean Stables in one day.
So the story goes, he diverted two rivers through them and swept out all the manure.
Our politics needs a similar attention. The mess is so thick with error, corruption and stupidity that only a river of change has any hope of fixing our problems.
The meally-mouthed responses of the so-called Christian leaders to the London bombing reveal that they have no clue how to resolve the dangerous world they have created, not do they even see that they are to blame.
For more in-depth notes on the Middle East mess, check - and search 'A Troubled World'. It's not complete yet, of course.
Keep up the hope of a better, more sane world.
Only the expansion of the secret ballot, into all the parliaments of the world, can get rid of the evil of party-power politics'.

God bless
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