Friday, January 26, 2007

Another the Age didn't want to print

Julie Szego (Melbourne Age 25/1) bemoans the world poll condemning America. Sure,
its not all bad. But the problem with American (and Australian)
democracy is that leaders are allowed to rule the roost unchecked, until
disaster sets in - an acute lack of accountability. (Fancy wanting to
export it!)
Congress could not stop Bush. Can it even now?
With parliaments failing, on behalf of the people, to restrain impetuous
leadership, dissident opinion, also lacking the intellectual restraint
that public face-to-face discussion forums could provide, fires
unchecked its missiles of hate in print or the net.
A democratic nation cannot avoid the repercussions or responsibility for
its actions, and those of its leader. Otherwise our democracy stands
condemned. Just so - and perhaps our much-vaunted democracy needs a
drastic overhaul.

Basil J Smith