Friday, March 24, 2006

MP Accountability

A common error by those opposed to the 'secret ballots in parliament reform' is that, without knowing how the Mp votes, there could be no accountability. Quite wrong!

Some years ago senior Victorian Liberal MP James Guest was quizzed on this very point. His succinct answer: "It would make MPs accountable".

Strange isn't it?

Let's consider.

In a parliament that ballots every issue, all MPs will be supported by party clout and funds no longer. Entirely free to do as they please in parliament, they will need to use that freedom to work for their constituents' best interests.

Awakened to the MP's vulnerablity in the new, and regular, public meetings, convened by the MP (in the MP's own best interests), constituents will rally there, especially on controversial issues.

If their MP is not entirely honest, constituents, ably assisted by a salivating media, will swarm like angry bees.

But any MP who is honest and competent, will graduate quickly to the changed role, and find it much more fulfilling and highly respected.

This reform has the capacity to change everything - for the better - for all.

By the way - 'the love of democracy is the love of others' - while 'the love of power is the love of self'.

Democracy will flourish under the ballot in our parliaments.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

America - tramping the world.

One would think an avowed Christian like George Bush would have picked up a few tips from his Bible on how to get on with your enemies. How about "Love your enemies". Or maybe "Resist not evil but overcome evil with good".
It is arrogance that makes wars. The trouble is that arrogant people are slow to recognise their arrogance.
How many nuclear states do we have now? Quite a few.
Why is Iran considered to be such a threat?
Israel? There's a lot of hatred for Israel. That goes back 3000 years or so; to the days when Ismael got kicked out of Abraham's house because Sarah was jealous of Hagar, Ismael's mother, for beating her to have Abraham's child.
Spurned by Abraham's religion and descendants over the centuries, it's no wonder the Arabs found another religion to get upsides with the Jews. So we have religious enmity as well.
The UN kindly responded to the Holocuast survivors by allowing their settlement in Palestine, to have their own land in some security. But they roughly evicted 600,000 of the inhabitants who finished up in surrounding refugee camps their hearts filled with hatred for the invaders. It's quite unsurprising that some of them at least want those invaders out, hopeless cause though it be.
Only suicide bombers stand between them and their complete subjugation, with the creeping absorption of the remainder of Palestine by Jewish settlers and their protecting military, complete with tanks, gunships and every modern military surveillance equipment, with which they casually assassinate whom they will with impunity.
Every attempt to find a peaceful solution has been foiled by the constant Israeli demand that the Palestinians surrender everything first, completely , despite the fact that their land is constantly overrun with Israeli tanks and troops.
One would think that Israel's previous Holocaust experience would have produced some feelings of compassion for the Palestinians. But apparently not.
America's continual weak surrender to the Israeli point of view, with financial and full military assistance (without prevention of it's secretive nuclear capability) has prolonged the conflict interminably with insult adding to injury. A Tragedy in our time.
The solution lies with America - if ever it can regain its Christian perspective and moral character. Oh, when will their people rise up to rule??