Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climate action

Sent To Senators on the Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy
on Greens submission email form

The CPRS is complex, weak and corrupted by exemptions.

A far more effective control of the danger of climate change would be to
tax all emission materials (oil, coal etc) at the point of supply, start
at once, and at a low rate that would not panic the natives! At least
some costs will have to be passed on.

We will all have to learn how we can absorb these costs, now and
willingly, with the knowledge that they have to be steadily increased
until climate stability is realised.

Parliament (I speak advisedly - party politics must go) must not balk at
this hurdle by reason of political fears, and front the public (us)
together, fearlessly or we will be done like a dinner.

Climate action tax revenue must be diverted (not to compensation other
than the poor) to the encouragement and investment in a hefty growth in
alternative energy production - fast.

We have become profligate in the use of power. For example,
unnecessarily large homes are built on open plans causing heavy power
bills for both heating and cooling, not to mention power used in
production of materials and construction. And every tree knocked down is
a reduction in CO2 absorption.
And we'd better learn to switch off the lights!

We will simply have to all work together on this. All energy costs must
rise, to make us all reduce consumption, through efficiency measures of
all kinds - by individuals, business and governments.

By the way, the advent of the electric car, to reduce oil consumption
will be no help of itself, as it will only increase overall electricity
consumption from coal, which is worse than oil (which is partly
hydrogen). Substituting renewable energy for coal (especially), is a
desperately urgent need.

Let's 'jsdoit', as I saw on one car number plate
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