Friday, December 31, 2010

Democracy deficit

In a crisis of confidence in the American depression the ‘History Matters’ website reminds us that the “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”, the words of
FDR in his First Inaugural Address in the 1932 presidential election. The sun had not failed, the land was still productive but the ‘mechanics’ of the economy had collapsed in a crisis of financial and business confidence.

The (Melbourne) Age editorial in its last day of 2010, ‘Democracy deficit puts the world’s leaders on edge’, highlights the major governments around the world at loggerheads with their people, unable, in the context of many serious problems, to effectively govern – expressing a crisis of confidence in our ‘democratic’ institutions.

Fear is destructive and cruel, debasing instead of uplifting mankind to higher aspirations of cooperative achievement. We need the cooperation of courage and vision to lift us out of the fear and uncertainty caused by the evident flaws in the present modes of government.

Christmas - birth of the Saviour, and a New Era of Love and life

Do you understand Christmas and all its significance today for life with an L. It all goes back 2000 years but the message and its meaning are eternal. So here goes ...

Christmas has for 2000 years been the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Jewish promised Messiah who was to set them free, but the freedom He offered was spiritual, but they could not believe in Him so they killed Him on a cross.

But to those who received Him He gave (and gives) the power to belong to God and live a life of selfless love with joy, free from the clinging tendrils of false religion, based on rules, laws and doing of dead works.

He gives, to those who receive Him, the freedom from sin and self, that can give life real meaning, even to the slaves and those in physical prison - the freedom of the love of God and His creation including all of us, together with the real joy of finding the real meaning of life - LOVE!

'He drew me with the chords of love and thus He bound me to Him ...' Bound to Him is the perfection of liberty.

The Lord, Jesus, now rules forever, in blessing, to those who believe and receive His Spirit, to live in love and joy. But to those who refuse the blessings of belonging remain only the curse of a life unblest, with pain and regret - for ever.