Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Climate change, Will we be able to win?

Interesting times.
The frantic scrabbling for power - to hold or to get.
I once read that the investment in America is a by-product of a casino.
The national wellbeing is a bit like that too when government is entrusted to the
winner of a power contest.
A very interesting letter in today's Melbourne Age, the first one, pointing out
that AWA contracts are not necessary to give higher wages to individual employees, only to enable employerts to force down wages.
The main point I see here is that business does not flourish without excessive power and conversely labour is not happy without excessive power.
Our democracy has a case to answer, tolerating the cancer of party politics!
Another thing. Politicians seem intent on throwing money about. I see
little coming from government about solid, especially long term, projects to
deal with the real worries.
The ABC 'Difference of Opinion' program on climate change Monday
nightlast was
excellent, a non-partisan attack on the problem.
One item of interest was the AGL Chief's quotation of the difference between gas and
with a carbon ratio of .4 to 1.5. Rather obvious really, as with
gas, hydrogen is the major component - in a 'mixture of gases made up mostly of methane (CH4) plus small amounts of ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10)'.
The AGL boss says we should use gas until we find other and better answers. Makes sense. Bad luck you coal companies! But being serious, answers to the climate
problem are going to take John Howard's 'tough decisions' - by which he means take no notice of their screams!

However, we have to use our best brains to face big societal changes, to minimise unavoidable trauma. Can the people possibly cope with these changes
if the decisions are not governed, by fair democratic process. Reforming our democracy to eliminate the incubus of party politics becom9ing more essential as the problems multiply.

Chasing up carbon sequestration on the net did not encourage hope for
coal. I got the impression of a frantic effort to find some way to keep
using coal, like digging an 8000 feet hole in America to bury CO2.
Incidentally the website for a Bush major climate change project in 2003 is shut down.
A few stray thoughts! God bless and have a geat day!